The Evolution of Beauty (USED)

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The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin's Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World-- and Us by Richard O. Prum (ISBN - 9780345804570)

(USED) Very good condition.  Small blemish on rear cover.

"In The Evolution of Beauty, Richard O. Prum's academic career as an ornithologist and his lifelong passion for bird-watching come together in a thrilling intellectual adventure seeking to explain the incredible diversity of beauty in nature.

Scientific dogma holds that every detail of an animal's mating displays-- every spot on the peacock's tail-- is an advertisement of its genetic or material superiority.  But deep in tropical jungles are birds with a dizzying array of plumages, songs, and other displays-- traits that are highly unlikely to provide practical information.  After thirty years of field work, Prum embraces a little-known theory of Darwin's: aesthetic mate choice.  Choosing a mate for the mere pleasure of it, Darwin proposed, is an independent engine of evolutionary change."

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