Sex: A Natural History (USED)

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Sex: A Natural History by Joann Ellison Rodgers (ISBN - 9780716737442)

(USED) Very good condition. Slight shelf wear.

"The 'story of sex' isn't simply about biological mechanics, molecules, or the stuff of sex education filmstrips.  In fact, a growing number of scientists engaged in the study of sex-- from evolutionary biologists to geneticists-- are linking much of human and animal nature and behavior to our sexual strategies.  By tracing the connections among brain activities, hormones, emotions, and anatomy, investigators are sorting out how the hormone that triggers labor contractions keeps prairie voles faithful to one mate, why female beetles prefer heavier males for mates, how the brain waves of female mice change when a male comes within smell range, and how Harlequin paperback romances and fantasies can be arousing."

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