Queer (USED)

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Queer by Simon Gage, Lisa Richards, and Howard Wilmot (ISBN - 9781560253770)

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"Whether we acknowledge it or not, queer culture pervades every aspect of the world we know. Barbra Streisand and her old-fashioned kitsch, Renaissance genius Michelangelo, wise-assed iconoclast Sndra Bernhard, and pop-art sensation Andy Warhol are just a few of the intelligent, lively and often challenging personalities who inhabit this gay universe.

Gays and lesbians have traveled a long road from persecution to toleration and from fashionable to establishment.  Terms of abuse that have long been weapons used to oppress the gay community have now been reclaimed as expressions of liberation and freedom.  Queer details these changing contours of gay culture through a combination of vivid images and thoughtful, sassy prose."

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