Other Women (USED)

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Other Women by Lisa Alther (ISBN - 9780452276780)

(USED) Very good condition.  Sharpie mark across pages on bottom.

"With two young sons, a failed marriage, a job as an emergency room nurse that leavers her feeling paralyzed and hopeless, and a relationship with a woman that has entered into its final stages, thirty-five-year-old Caroline Kelley is more than ready to change her life.

Dr. Hannah Burke has seen almost everything in her long practice as a therapist-- and nothing Caroline can do or say can shock her.  But as the therapeutic relationship between the two deepens and widens, Hana finds old memories, desires, and despairs stirring, demanding recognition and resolution.

What evolves and blossoms within these two women as they interact forms the basis for a novel that is candid, comic, erotic, ironic, unsparingly probing, and profoundly moving."

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