Erotic Art - TASCHEN (USED)

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Erotic Art by Giles Neret (ISBN - 9780878160299)

(USED) Good condition.  Some flaws in rear cover.
Paperback.  Older edition.

"Most artists try their hands at erotic work.  The results are often drawings, modest and intimate in format, that tend to be kept in private collections.  Often the artists themselves prefer not to release their erotic work.  At a later date, their estates or collectors frequently decide against publication.  To this day it remains difficult to locate and reproduce explicitly erotic art...

The art in this book, created by major 20th century artists, represents a broad range of different approaches to eroticism-- from the manic obsessions of Hans Bellmer and the floral sublimations of Georgia O'Keeffeto the surreal reveries of Andre Masson or the origastic work of Hermann Nitsch."