Bottoms Up! (USED)

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Bottoms Up!: A Pathologist's Essays on Medicine & the Humanities by William B. Ober, M. D. (ISBN - 9780060971886)

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"In these fourteen erudite and amusing essays, pathologist William Ober brings his scientific knowledge to bear on diverse topics from literature, music, the fine arts, history and anthropology, solving a few arcane mysteries and uncovering the secret kinks and illnesses of some famous and not-so-famous historical figures.  Whether examining the iconography of flagellation or the murder and masochism of madrigal composer Carlo Gesualdo, whether illuminating the short, miserable life of Rimbaud or the aborted homosexual sadism of Austrian novelist Robert Musil, whether considering infertility in the Bible or the illustrations in Fanny Hill, Ober proves himself to be both eloquent and profound, with a scientist's keen eye for concrete detail and the compassion of a true humanist, as well as an impressive talent for elegant language and narrative form."