How to Swear Around the World (USED)

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How to Swear Around the World by Jason Sacher, Illustrated by Toby Triumph (ISBN - 9781452110875)

(USED) Very good condition.  Some wear on covers.

"An essential phrasebook for the world traveler, How to Swear Around the World features dozens of favorite curses, insults, and sayings from all over the globe.  Get rid of a pesky hanger-on in Brazil by telling him to dig for potatoes-- vai ceifar batatas.  To express your disgust toward your brown-nosing German friend, accuse him of being a bicycle-rider-- radfahrer, or tell someone off in Laos by letting him know you think his mother enjoys keeping intimate company with dogs-- Ma see mea mung!  Make new friends and enemies abroad with this handy guide filled with fighting words, scatological expressions, dozens of ways to insult someone's mother, and many other suitably offensive phrases."

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